Toilets and children’s room – complete

The area in the north west corner of the nave, previously given over to various uses (Baptistry, welcome area, children’s corner), has been redefined as toilets and a dedicated children’s room. Work here is now complete.



Two toilets, both unisex and one of them accessible, have been created in the extreme north west corner of the church, west of the north porch. In order to facilitate this, the stained glass window here has been swapped with a plain glass one immediately east of the north door.

Children’s room and toilet entrance viewed from the east.

Immediately to the south of the toilets is the enclosed children’s room. The existing Baptistry screen has been glazed and a new screen built to create the east wall and a roof has been placed over the entire area.

Existing Baptistry screen viewed from the south. The radiator is a relocated one from the nave crossing.

The panelling you’ll find in the children’s room has been reused from the original Baptistry.

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