Seating and Space – complete

Crucial to the whole vision for the building is the unlocking of the internal space. This could not happen until the poor quality and badly fitting Victorian pews were removed. This happened in two phases in 2017 and 2019

Yellow areas were cleared of pews in phase 1, pink areas in phase 2

The softwood flooring beneath the pews has been replaced with engineered oak flooring.Two large radiators behind the pews in the nave crossing have been relocated. All the pews have been sold, many of them to people within the town and some are in public spaces.

New seating has been provided in the form of the Abbey Chair, from Trinity Church Furniture as illustrated. We have engaged in a good deal of debate involving the congregation and the Diocesan Advisory Committee (and others). In particular we have been keen to choose a chair which represents good value for money and which meets several other criteria.

We are most grateful to the 42 people who have donated chairs in phase 1. You can donate a chair by using this form: Chair donation form

You can read more about chairs and pews here.



Click here to go to Chairs / Pews Frequently asked Questions

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