Kitchen – Complete

A new small kitchen area has been created in the south west corner of the nave. This area is now complete.


The point of this area is to provide a space for preparing and serving drinks and light refreshments. It is anticipated that more major catering will be prepared elsewhere but could well be served from this area.


The space has been defined by a bar / serving counter running along the east and north sides of the kitchen.

New kitchen bar viewed from the north. The panelling beyond is the existing clergy vestry.
New kitchen bar viewed from the east.

The kitchen contains a sink and a wash hand basin (with independently heated water), a water boiler for drinks, an industrial dishwasher, fridge, and low level cupboard space.


The frontal cupboard previously along this wall will be relocated (final location still to be confirmed).  Rectors’ photographs will be relocated, precisely where is also yet to be decided.

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