Entry, welcome area and display

Following the first two phases of the reordering work the “welcome” area is currently split between the existing cupboards and display immediately inside the north door and the area released by the removal of three pews close by.


The furniture currently in these areas is temporary. Proper consideration as to what this space should look like will happen in phase 3. Between now and then we will be experimenting with temporary arrangements in an attempt to discover what will work best for us.

Phase 3 will also eventually involve a reconfiguration of the north porch and its doors so that entry to the church will be more straightforward and involve fewer right angle turns.


2 thoughts on “Entry, welcome area and display

  1. Where will there be storage for the Nave Altar covers and tabards which are at present difficult to store without being very creased? A new attractive Nave Altar in plain wood would solve this.


    1. Thanks Derek, indeed, a new nave altar which incorporates more glass than frontal is a part of phase 2. This will will be a less visually blocking design than the present one so that the full length of the church can be appreciated more from the nave.


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